Hansgrohe SE stands for responsible and sustainable use of valuable resources.

Guiding principles of a sustainable enterprise

Since the formation of the company in 1901, the name Hansgrohe not only stands for numerous innovations in design and technology, but also for acting in a responsible manner. “Sustainable Management” is a term used by many companies - at Hansgrohe it is an integral part of the entrepreneurial business activities on an international level, and is measurable and fully comprehensible.

Out of responsibility for society, the Hansgrohe Group acts in such a way that:

  • The health and safety of all members of staff at their workplaces is ensured;
  • Environmental compatibility, safety and top production and product quality are guaranteed;
  • Water, energy and other precious resources are responsibly and sustainably utilised and ethical principles are fully observed.

The Hansgrohe Group formulates strategic sustainability targets and introduces these into its business processes. Our management systems consolidate issues relating to environmental protection, quality, occupational safety and energy.

The Hansgrohe Group:

  • Focuses on fulfilling the requirements and demands of its customers and the users of its products;
  • Ensures that all applicable legal and other specifications are complied with. The company regularly carries out internal tests and training, and works closely and faithfully with technical organisations and authorities;
  • Raises the awareness of its employees in their respective fields of responsibility regarding the importance of health and environmental protection, occupational safety and quality assurance, as well as utilising water, energy and other precious resources in a sustainable way. This means that the company actively involves the employees – especially within the scope of continuous improvement processes;
  • Subjects all its business activities to regular risk analysis, aiming to proactively detect and eliminate potential sources of danger. Furthermore, the company examines all incidents or near incidents and analyses their causes in order to detect and eliminate weaknesses. On this basis the company develops additional preventive strategies;
  • Regularly reviews and updates its energy management system and promotes the company's energy objectives through the acquisition of energy-efficient products and services;
  • Provides suitable technologies, tools and methods as well as all the necessary information required by the employees to support the implementation and fulfilment of these guiding principles in the best possible way;
  • Cooperates closely with suppliers and contractors to make sure that their services and practices meet the requirements resulting from these guiding principles;
  • Within the scope of environmental and health protection, occupational safety and risk management, regularly checks compliance with these guiding principles with the objective of continuing to improve health protection, occupational safety and environmental protection as well as quality assurance and use of energy. Moreover, the company has the efficiency of its management systems and measures regularly audited by independent institutions.

Sustainability at Hansgrohe: certified many times over

Certificates of the Hansgrohe management systems

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