Trainee programme at Hansgrohe

Graduates: Immerse yourself in the world of practical work – with a trainee programme.

Perfectly prepared – being a trainee will fully equip you for your future.

How refreshingly different will your first job be? There are lots of challenges ahead for up-and-coming young talent such as yourself within the world of practical work. We can offer you the perfect introduction to that: with a trainee programme. In Schiltach we will train you up for your target job within 18-24 months, depending on the division. So your  start won't be like jumping in at the deep end! On-the-job training, i.e. employing you straight away in your organisational unit, will ensure that you become deeply immersed in practical work, get familiar with the core duties and the daily business activities, and can apply your wealth of knowledge to demanding projects. You will spend time in associated departments, thus gaining an overview of the procedures and the interaction between different divisions, and little by little build up a valuable network. We will assign you a mentor, and you will get advice from a departmental supervisor during every stage. We have lots more to offer besides.

Qualities you need.

We are looking for graduates who have studied business studies, engineering economics or a similar field of study specialising in marketing, sales, controlling or product management and have achieved good grades. You should have also already spent time abroad (traineeship, semester abroad) and be proficient in English. Are you dedicated, do you have good communication skills and an approach that is analytical and structured, and are you happy to be continually on-the-go? If so, welcome to the Hansgrohe team! Please note that our trainee programme takes place in our company head office in Germany.

Questions and answers.

Here you can find some frequently asked questions relating to our trainee programme.

Which divisions have trainee positions available?
Trainees can be employed in all our corporate divisions generally speaking. There are often positions available in sales, controlling and industrial engineering.

Is there a trainee plan? Who determines the stages of the programme – and can I play an active role in designing it?
The trainee plan is prepared in advance, in line with the requirements of the relevant department, and is an integral component of the employment contract. It includes all the stages you will go through during the course of the programme. The duration, the supervisor in the relevant department and the learning objectives for the respective stage are also consigned. During the course of the trainee programme, there may be deviations in terms of time or content. These can be adjusted to suit, further to consultation with your supervisor. At every stage you get the opportunity to have a say in projects and processes.

Which divisions will a trainee be employed in?
You won't get a taste of what each and every company division is like, you will only be employed in selected departments.

What is a typical trainee project like?
Usually you work independently on a demanding project at every stage of the trainee programme. You report the project status to the particular supervisor of that stage. The goal: to help you to build up a well-functioning network in the various divisions.

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