Internships at Hansgrohe

Be a working student in a top team!

Gain practical experience, earn money, make contacts – Hansgrohe will be worth your while.

There's no doubt about it: student life is no picnic. Presentations, homework and tests need to be completed, written and passed every term. But would you like to have some more money in your pocket – and achieve this by doing something that actually relates to your studies? If so, why not come on board as a working students at Hansgrohe!

It's entirely up to you as to whether you would prefer to play an active role at our company several hours a week on a regular basis (even during term time) or just during term breaks. Select the division that you are interested in working in, ideally one that is relevant to your studies. If you can't find what you are looking for on our job site, you are also welcome to send us a speculative application. Working as a working student has lots of advantages: you will have more money, gain important practical experience and make valuable contacts – which may also help to give your career momentum at Hansgrohe once your studies are over! Immerse yourself in a company that is refreshingly different. Welcome to the Hansgrohe team! Please note that all our offers for students/pupils take place in our company head office in Germany.

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