Student placements and holiday jobs at Hansgrohe

Student placements and holiday jobs.

Get a taste of working life.

The time for you to leave school in still the dim distant (or not quite so distant) future – but have you ever thought about what will happen then? Eventually you would no doubt like to work in a job where you can have fun, earn enough money and have career opportunities. But how do you go about finding your dream job?

Get a taster of what it might be like in reality – apply for a student placement!

Find out where your competencies lie and work out what you are really interested in. Are you manually skilled or do you prefer working in an office? Are you good at organising or do you love to find out how things work? Maybe you are considering an industrial/technical occupation or perhaps you would prefer a commercial role. To find out whether your assumptions match up with the reality, and whether a certain profession is really the way you imagine it to be, we recommend applying for a traineeship. At Hansgrohe you can either complete a student placement or even a voluntary traineeship during the holidays. For a short time you can have a taster of what real working life is like and get an insight into the job. You will obviously be able to pitch in yourself too. You will then be able to make an informed decision as to whether the job is the right one for you or whether your interests are concentrated in a different area. At Hansgrohe you have a choice of different trainee professions and cooperative courses of study – so you're certain to find one that's right for you!

Want to jump right on in? If so, apply for your traineeship now!

Earn some more money – with a holiday job!

Obviously, during school holidays you would love to totally chill out and have a great time. But what about spending at least part of that time improving your cash flow situation? A holiday job at Hansgrohe would put money in your pocket, and you'd learn valuable lessons about working life to boot! We are looking for committed school pupils to boost our team at our production facilities in Schiltach and Offenburg. Delve into our world and read here to see whether you have the right qualities. We look forward to seeing you!  Please note that our holiday jobs take place in our company head office in Germany.

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