Cooperative studies at Hansgrohe

School pupils: refreshing perspectives with the cooperative study program.

Theory + practice = the perfect career start.

If you are enthused by water, but find a normal course of study too theory-based yet a vocational training course too “practical”, we have some good news for you: at Hansgrohe you can take a cooperative study programme! A cooperative study programme is a winning combination of theory and practice: Three-month phases of theory-based study at a Cooperative State University are alternated with three-month practical phases within the company. This offers several advantages: you can put your freshly-acquired knowledge straight into practice, and after three years not only will you have lots of professional experience behind you, you will also have your Bachelor degree in the bag.

Your cooperative study programme starts with a “Kennenlernwoche” (week getting to know each other). Here all students and trainees in the cooperative study programme meet for the first time. Workshops and outdoor activities ensure that you all get to know each other better, thus beginning to work together as a team. Then you part ways. During your practical phases, you follow a personal training schedule, which takes you into those departments that are of relevance to you: depending on the particular course of studies, e.g. Purchasing, Sales, Human Resources and Marketing or – for the more technically-oriented students – the Research & Development, Production, Quality Assurance or Maintenance divisions. You will be fully immersed throughout, and will find yourself pitching in, both in the day-to-day business activities and in projects, and your grasp of foreign languages will constantly be in demand. With specially-coordinated workshops and training sessions, we prepare you for the unique challenges in your field. With us you will also learn how to behave in a health-conscious manner from the outset: our sports scientist will offer you important insights into healthy nutrition, back-relieving posture and ergonomics.

Of course, completion of your Bachelor degree is celebrated fittingly. Your parents, the training team, Hansgrohe's Executive Board and our Head of Human Resources are all invited to the party. After the ceremonial certificate presentation and the awarding of prizes to the best students of the year, the evening is wrapped up with a delicious meal at our restaurant “Chez Hans”.

When you opt for the cooperative study programme, you are choosing a truly exciting and educational path. And later on? Refreshing prospects await.  The ball is now in your court: you have a choice of various courses of study as well as “Studium Plus”. You decide where you're headed. We look forward to seeing you!
Please note that all our offers for students/pupils take place in our company head office in Germany.

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