Getting started for students at Hansgrohe

Students: get immersed in practical work!

You and your fresh new ideas are welcome at Hansgrohe.

Set off to explore all the practical work options in the heart of the Black Forest. Find out why design and innovation are important to us, and how we are helping to promote the responsible use of the world's most precious resource. You can look forward to refreshing new perspectives, interesting insights and a team whose enthusiasm and passion for water are second to none. Discover your ideal career at Hansgrohe! Please note that all our offers for students take place in our company head office in Germany.

Traineeships at Hansgrohe

The theory and the practical go hand in hand: complete a traineeship with us and dive straight into the practical work!

Dissertations at Hansgrohe

Just one more hurdle to overcome: why not give your dissertation some invigorating practical relevance!

Technical theses at Hansgrohe

Experts know more: we can offer you solid support with your technical thesis.


No need to be strapped for cash: come on board as an intern!

Holiday jobs at Hansgrohe

Feel like a change during term breaks? Start a holiday job!

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