Personnel development at Hansgrohe

Why Hansgrohe? Because we keep your career development moving.

Regardless of where you're currently at – get ahead with us.

For you to be able to experience a refreshingly different career with us, the conditions need to be just right. And that is exactly why we have structured personnel development! One string to our bow is the Hansgrohe Business School, which we use to prepare you for future challenges. Together we plan your future and support you with tailored qualification programmes – ranging from subject-specific further education sessions to methodology training and personal development programmes, within Hansgrohe or using external partners. When it comes to personnel development, we see ourselves as your business partner. Would you love to achieve an advanced qualification (while you work)? We would be more than happy to be your partner!

Talent management

We prefer to fill positions of responsibility with talent from within our own company. We promote this with our Junior Development Programme. The comprehensive management training programme, which will prepare you for your new, advanced position, lasts for ten months. At international level we offer the International Talent Program (ITP), which teaches management skills in several modules and at the same time enables participants to build up a global network. We also show you different career paths and plan your career at Hansgrohe with you.

Leadership development

If you have potential as a manager, we support you with specific measures tailored to your requirements. You can acquire or expand methodology skills, exchange ideas with colleagues at the same level or at higher hierarchical levels, and in network groups you can benefit from the experiences of others when it comes to the everyday life of a manager. To achieve this result, follow a programme that will provide you with different management tools, preparing you for your new responsibility or increasing the professionalism of your work as a manager

As you can see: we offer everything you need for success in a refreshingly different career. Just dive right in!

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